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Quiz-Time Systems - Electronic equipment for groups or teams to interact in a quiz show format.
Quiz-Time Systems - Electronic equipment for groups or teams to interact in a quiz show format.

Procedure & Rules for Quiz-O-Rama

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Quiz-O-Rama (QOR) Procedure

IMPORTANT: See at bottom the items needed to PREPARE EARLY before a Quiz-O-Rama!

  1. Set up Head Table for Quizmaster and Main Scorekeeper.

  2. Arrange chairs about 2 inches apart in rows of 10 each, facing a Scorekeeper table with 2 or 3 chairs.

  3. (Use these directions if you have a quiz box.)
    On each table place Quiz Box with lights.
    Arrange Seat Pads or Handheld Switches on chairs.
    Plug Remote Cords into Quiz Box and lead out to chairs.
    Plug Seat Pads (or Handhelds) into other end, matching plug colors with team positions.
  4. On arrival, Quizzers pick up Score Cards and fill in the top of front and list 1-4 and 1-6 on the back ready for written questions. They also write their names on the bottom of all 10 Bonus Slips, away from stapled end. Name Tags help scorekeepers during competition and make it easy for quizzers to get acquainted with new friends.

  5. A stapled set of QOR questions and answers in a folder (so quizzers do not see them) is given to each Scorekeeper. A list of basic Rules is also given to them. Then the Quizmaster welcomes the group to Quiz-O-Rama and begins with a prayer. He reads the 4 written questions, pausing after each one for answers to be written. They give score cards to any scorekeeper to check and fill in the score. (20 points for each right answer)

  6. Team Captains are announced, based on the highest points at the previous QOR, and they draw numbers for the first quiz. All others draw numbers to form teams and everyone takes their cards to the right number tables. Two teams compete at each table: 1/2, 3/4 etc.

  7. (Use these directions if you have a quiz box.)
    With quizzers seated and all lights on, Scorekeepers have each one jump up to test their
    light. Scorekeepers: When the Quizmaster starts to ask each question, Watch the
    lights to see which one comes on first
    Tell that quizzer to come right to the table.
  8. Now come the Jump Questions!

  9. Before each question the Quizmaster says that it is a Quiztime (Q), Reversal (R) or New (N) one. After a brief pause, the Quizmaster says, "Question" and starts reading the question, but stops as soon as quizzers jump.

  10. The quizzer who was first goes to the score table, and within 5 seconds must start repeating what was heard ... whispering it to the Scorekeeper ... and finish both question and answer within 30 seconds. For a right answer, 20 POINTS are recorded on the score card and also added to the Team Flip Cards. (New questions receive 30 Points for right answers.)

  11. If the answer was wrong, 10 Points are deducted, and the Scorekeeper raises a hand. The Quizmaster then reads the full question so other quizzers on the two teams may write the answer on their BONUS SLIPS ... along with the question number. Bonus Slips are collected and given to the MAIN SCOREKEEPER, who records 10 Points for right answers and 0 for wrong ones. (Lengthy answers may be whispered to a scorekeeper or quizmaster.) The first quizzer with 10 right Bonus Answers is given 10 extra points.

  12. (NOTE: Quizzers are allowed 4 attempts to answer questions in each quiz. After 3 right or 3 wrong, the scorekeeper motions to the quizmaster who announces they have "quizzed out." With their light turned off, they can't jump, but may write Bonus answers.
  13. At the end of Quiz #1 (15 questions) Scorekeepers add 20 Points to every quizzer on the Winning Team and total the points for that quiz. (If tied, all 10 quizzers get 20 points.)

  14. Then comes another quiz! There are 4 at a QOR.

  15. Quizzers pick up their Score Cards, draw new numbers, and proceed to the next table.

  16. Following the last quiz are 6 Written Questions. Quizzers write the answers and then give their cards to any scorekeeper to check and fill in the score. Cards are given back to quizzers, for them to write their Bonus Points on the card as the Quizmaster announces their name.

  17. All the cards are collected and taken to the Quizmaster and Main Scorekeeper, who total the scores and arrange them in order.

  18. Finally it's time to eat! And a prayer of thanks is given for the refreshments. While everyone enjoys the food, Top Quizzers are announced.

  19. The Top 4 Varsity Quizzers have 5 more questions to determine the Winner, and their Testimony is printed in the next "Quiz-Time" folder. So are the lists of all Little League and Varsity quizzers, along with that Month's scores and Total Points Since October.

  20. When they're ready to head back home, everyone takes along the newly printed "Quiz-Time" to study the 3 Chapters for NEXT MONTH'S QUIZ-O-RAMA.

PREPARE EARLY before a Quiz-O-Rama:

These items need to be ready on the Head Table:

Copies of the QOR Questions in folders, Bible, Team Numbers to cut, Scissors, 2 Containers for Captains and Teams to draw from, a Bonus Sheet and Pens. Plenty of printed Study Questions of the next 3 chapters for quizzers to take home. Points lists for choosing Captains.

These items need to be ready on a table for Quizzers as they arrive:

Score Cards, Bonus Slips, Pencils, Name Tags and Markers for quizzers to write their names.

For each group of 5 chairs, tape a Team Number to the front of the Scorekeeper Table, and on the table put 2 Flip Cards for Team Scores, and a copy of questions studied for this QOR.

The Official Rules for Quiz-O-Rama ...

  1. Upon arrival at Quiz-O-Rama, quizzers pick up a Score Card, 10 Bonus Slips, Pencil, and a Name Tag or Quiz Bib with their name. They fill in the front of the Card, list 1-4 and 1-6 on the back, and write their name on the bottom of all 10 Bonus Slips, away from the stapled end.

  2. Four written questions are at the beginning of each QOR and 6 more at the end. (20 points for each right answer and 0 for wrong ones.)

  3. Team captains are chosen from the top quizzers at the previous QOR.

  4. Quizzers draw numbers before each quiz to form teams.

  5. Two teams compete at each score table. In the event that one team has one less quizzer, that team starts with 20 points. At the end of each quiz, members of the winning team receive 20 additional points.

  6. Quiz pads should be about 2 inches from the front of the chairs, and quizzers' hands and feet must not touch their chairs.

  7. No talking is permitted from the time the quizmaster calls "Question" until points are awarded.

  8. Quizzers will jump toward full stature, and with discernment, when responding to any part of or the whole question.

  9. No question or part thereof will be repeated to the quizzer on arriving at the score table.

  10. Within 5 seconds the quizzer must start repeating what was heard, form a question to the satisfaction of the Scorekeeper, and finish answering within 30 seconds.

  11. Only the first answer will be accepted. The decision whether an answer is right or wrong will be made by the scorekeeper and/or the quizmaster, if his help is needed.

  12. Each right answer receives 20 points (or 30 for a new question) and each wrong one -10. (After a wrong answer, that quizzer may not jump on the next question, unless it is the last one of that quiz.)

  13. When an answer is wrong, the same question in full is given to the other quizzers at that score table for an optional written bonus of 10 points. No deduction for wrong bonus answers. (Lengthy answers may be quoted to a scorekeeper or to the quizmaster.)

  14. The first quizzer to answer 10 bonus questions correctly receives an additional 10 points.

  15. A quizzer with 3 right answers, 3 wrong answers, or 4 tries during a quiz may no longer answer jump questions, but may continue answering bonus questions.

  16. Jumping before the question has begun constitutes a foul, and results in a bonus question for the other quizzers. Two fouls by an individual during one quiz cause a personal loss of 10 points. (This is not deducted from the team score.) A team foul on the last question reduces the team score by 10 points.

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