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The monthly Quiz-O-Ramas at the Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church at 931 W. Maple Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan are part of Christian Youth Ministries, originated by Don and Ibba Glaske in 1954 as Berrien County YFC.

Anyone in grades 3-12 may quiz.

Little League (Grades 3-8) and Varsity (Grades 6-12) quiz Saturday at 4:00 pm. (Note: 6-8 may quiz in either group.) Even adults quiz at our annual "Quizzers' Revenge" in April! Our Quiz-O-Ramas have two Quizmasters. Chris Cowgill handles Little League and Scott Rumley conducts Varsity. Parents and other volunteers serve as table scorekeepers.

Little League QOR questions come directly from the Quiz-Time sheet plus reversals - by forming questions out of the answers, etc. Varsity Quizzers need to study not only Quiz-Time questions, but also to go directly into the Scripture, looking for new questions that may be used at Varsity QOR.

Questions marked with asterisks may be used to introduce quizzing at your church during Sunday School, Junior Church, or Youth Group. Call Ibba Glaske at either number for further details.

A record of total points is kept for each quizzer in CYM, and annual awards are given. College scholarships are also part of each monthly Varsity QOR for any quizzer in grades 6-12 who earns the highest total points.

Refreshments after quizzing are provided by the various groups that attend the Quiz-O-Ramas, with a suggested donation of 50c per person.

At each Quiz-O-Rama, pick up Quiz-Times for next month's chapters. And share them with others who may become CYM quizzers!

CYM Annual Awards For Total Points

Trophies are awarded to the TOP QUIZZER in each category: Little League (3-8) and Varsity (6-12).

CYM College Scholarships*

Each month at the Varsity Quiz-O-Rama, the quizzer with the highest total points receives a $25 scholarship for college. This may be anyone in grades 6-12.

A "Berrien's Best" quiz of 5 questions for those in grades 9-12 concludes each Quiz-O-Rama, and the testimony of the winner appears in the next "Quiz-Time". At the end of the year, this group competes in the "Berrien's Very Best" quiz and the 3 winners earn $100, $50 and $25 scholarships.

In November 1991, the CYM Board added new college scholarships, funded by the Alan Littman Scholarship Fund. In recent years, the fund has not been able to keep up with the number of quizzers who have qualified for the college scholarships. In August 2012, the CYM Board decided to suspend scholarship payments until funds were available and to eliminate future scholarships except to those who had qualified for a scholarship as of May 1, 2012.



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